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  • Town Administrator Announcement

    Mayor Michael J. Gonnelli announced today that First Ward Councilman Gary Jeffas will step down from the Council as of January 1, 2017, and succeed David Drumeler, who recently resigned from his position as Town Administrator. Mayor Gonnelli also announced that current Board of Education President, John Gerbasio, will be considered to fill the unexpired term of Councilman Jeffas.

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  • Beyond the Bell Schedule of Programs - Fall 2016

    The Town of Secaucus in collaboration with the Board of Education is excited to begin our second session of after school programs. Our newly named Beyond the Bell programs will continue to offer high quality award-winning curricula as well as collaborate to bring in locally run enrichment programs to the after school setting. Research indicates that there are many benefits to enrolling students in quality after school programs. Students who participate in enrichment programs after school perform better academically, have less behavioral issues and attend school more regularly. By bringing enrichment programs straight to the school your child attends, we make the process of participation easier on all parties involved. The goal of each one of the programs offered in this session is to provide a hands on, fun, engaging learning experience in an environment that students are already familiar with.

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  • Secaucus Paints Line to Support Police Departments

    Mayor Michael J. Gonnelli and the Town Council are happy to inform you that a blue line has been painted along Paterson Plank Road beginning at Maple Street, in front of the Secaucus Public Library and finally ending at John Street. “The blue line is our way of saying thank you to our police department for responding to emergencies quickly and professionally,” says Mayor Gonnelli, after seeing the praise it’s received so far. Read more ...  

  • Halloween in Secaucus 2016

    The Mayor & Council have a month packed with Halloween Events!  

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  • Secaucus Police Department Annex at Xchange

    Be advised that the Town of Secaucus has opened an Annex at Xchange, 5000 Riverside Station Blvd, 1st fl., Monday thru Friday between 7:00am -  7:00pm Two administrative assistants have been hired to assist the public with Town Clerk responsibilities, such as notarizing documents, applying for residential parking, and voter registration.   They will also have the responsibility to contact the desk in the event a resident wants to complete a report.  
  • Secaucus Welcomes Mrs. India Earth Finalist

    Mayor Michael J. Gonnelli and the Town Council would like you to welcome Mrs. India Earth finalist Paris Keswani, to our community. Secaucus was first introduced to Paris Keswani when she chose our town to help her reach a goal of planting 10,000 trees worldwide. The Mrs. India Earth finalist’s mission has been a successful one, but now she is looking to do even more for the community. Read more ...  

  • Pardon Our Appearance

    We are doing some fall cleaning on our website. Over the next few weeks, you may notice things moving and changing. You may also run into broken links as we make changes. We apologize for inconvenience