The full list of participating addresses may be viewed on Google Maps

The full list of participating addresses for the town-wide garage sale on 4/28 is now available!

Relief Crossing Guards follows the Secaucus Public Schools schedules.

Provides assistance to children and other pedestrians in crossing at specified streets along school routes; direct actions of traffic at street intersections to ensure safe


For property owners who have applied and are eligible for the Homestead Benefit Credit, adjusted tax bills were mailed out on April 3, 2018 reflecting the credit for the 2nd Quarter taxes.

Results for the Secaucus Police Department Test may be downloaded here

Pursuant to N.J.S.A. 40A:11-36 and Resolution 2018-104, the Town of Secaucus will conduct a Public Auction Sale of surplus Town of Secaucus property that is no longer needed for public use.