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Mayor Gonnelli's Message - 4-30-2020

I know many of you are wondering when the situation created by the COVID-19 pandemic is going to be over. I cannot wait for this to be behind us too! Spring is in the air; flowers are blooming, and the days are getting warmer. Yesterday we received an indication that things are getting better. Governor Murphy announced that State and County parks and golf courses will reopen at 6:00 AM on Saturday, May 2nd. Parks will be open for passive recreation such as walking, running, hiking, biking, boating, etc. However, playgrounds will remain closed. Remember, social distancing rules are still in effect.

Another great sign of improvement came in a recent press conference in which Hudson Regional Hospital President and CEO Nizar Kifaieh reported many encouraging trends among COVID-19 positive patients at the hospital. The number of patients being discharged from the hospital is outpacing those being admitted and the Emergency Room visits are greatly reduced. The hospital has adequate capacity and equipment to treat patients, and personal protection equipment for staff. The medical community and hospital staff are learning more about how to handle COVID-19 and are intervening earlier for better patient outcomes.  Doctors, nurses and hospital staff are doing all that they can to help our community during this health crisis. Let’s continue to do our part by following social distancing rules and wearing masks in public settings.

Let us look forward to more positive news on the COVID-19 front. In the meantime, please stay tuned to our website for the latest updates. We have posted the Governor’s Executive Order dealing with park openings if you would like to read in its entirety. 

Stay vigilant and be safe 
Mayor Michael Gonnelli