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Mayor Gonnelli's Message - 5-8-2020

Many residents have told me that they are glad to see walking trails and County parks open. I’m happy to see residents enjoy the beautiful spaces. While this is good for our physical and mental health, I am concerned that some are becoming lax when it comes to social distancing guidelines and wearing a mask.

When you are out enjoying the fresh Spring air, please remember:

  • Social distancing is mandatory in public settings. “Let’s do our part, six feet apart” should continue to be our mantra, at least for the near future.
  • Face coverings must be worn in public settings such as grocery stores, when picking up food, etc. Face masks are strongly encouraged in other settings where social distancing is not possible, including walking trails.
  • Playgrounds and ball fields are closed. Residents should not access these facilities as they are not being sanitized. If you see yellow tape around sections of open spaces, it means those sections are off-limits until restrictions are lifted.
  • CDC recommends that you not congregate with people who do not live in the same household. If you must see friends and family, please adhere to social distancing guidelines.

I understand the rules and restrictions mandated by the COVID-19 health crisis are unprecedented and inconvenient. However, we need to be considerate of others with higher risk factors. Wearing a mask may not be comfortable, but the person walking past you may have a health condition that puts them at greater risk. Our Town is made up of caring individuals who love their families and look out for their neighbors. Please continue to show your love for each other by wearing a mask and practicing social distancing.


Please do your part to stem the spread of the coronavirus. Continue to check our website for the latest updates.


Stay vigilant and be safe.


Mayor Michael Gonnelli