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Fire Prevention


Fire Official:
Vincent Massaro
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Fire Inspector
Robert Morrison

Fire Inspector
Sean Logan
(201) 330-2000 x 3167

Fire Inspector
Frank Walters
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Susan Flanagan
(201) 330-2000 x 3168

Katia Sanci
(201) 330-2000 x 3169

Report a Fire: 9-1-1

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Fire Prevention Information

Bureau of Fire Prevention

The Bureau of Fire Prevention has the responsibility to enforce the Uniform Fire Code of the State of New Jersey and in conjunction with the Construction Department to enforce the Fire Protection Sub-code requirements of the N.J. Uniform Construction Code.

Through the enforcement of the Uniform Fire Code as well as local fire safety regulations we are charged with conducting fire safety inspections in all Life Hazard Use occupancies (i.e. gas stations, schools, places of assembly and large retail operations) at least once a year and in some cases more often, as well as in all Non-Life Hazard use structures.

The Bureau of Fire Prevention is additionally responsible with but not limited to:

  • Conducting investigations after a fire to determine whether the cause was intentional or accidental
  • Investigating complaints of possible fire safety hazards
  • Issuance of violation and / or penalty notices if fire safety hazards are found during an inspection
  • Fire Safety lectures and demonstrations in the business community as well as participation at town sponsored events as means of educating the public to the importance of fire safety
  • Issuance of Fire Safety Permits for hazardous activities and public events to ensure fire safety procedures are followed
  • Additional information is available by following the links below

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