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Update on Buses of Migrants Arriving at Secaucus Junction Train Station

Statement of Mayor Michael Gonnelli 
January 3, 2024 

Based on information available to us at this time, a total of twenty-three (23) buses carrying migrants arrived at several train stations across New Jersey. Out of those buses, a total of eleven (11) arrived at the train station at Secaucus Junction. The buses carried a total of 1017 migrants, of which 953 boarded trains to New York. The remaining 64 traveled on to other locations. 

“I continue to monitor the situation closely and am working with law enforcement at all levels, as well as County and State officials. Thus far, most of the migrants continued to their final destination in New York and I have not seen any impact on our local services.” stated Mayor Gonnelli. 

In a recent call with State officials, they stressed that plans are in place in the event migrants decide to remain in the State. Mayor Gonnelli went on to state, “I made it very clear to those on the call that the Town of Secaucus would not be in a position to shoulder the burden of this situation, and stressed the importance of open communication and cooperation with our County and State partners.” 

“While at the moment the impact on our Town has been minimal, I plan to do everything I can to be prepared and do what is best for our community.” stated Mayor Gonnelli. 

Any questions on this release can be directed to Town Administrator, Gary Jeffas, at 201-330-2008.