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Messages from Mayor Gonnelli

Mayor's Message - August 13, 2020

As things on the COVID-19 front are improving, I’m happy that businesses in Town are doing a great job with health and safety guidelines even as we open outdoor dining, exercise programs and more. Please continue to support local businesses as they are relying on us now more than ever. Meanwhile, we are working with State and County officials to bring all the information businesses and landlords need to apply for loans and grants under the CARES Act. For residents who need rental assistance, please make sure you fill out the Rental Assistance Survey—a link to the survey is posted on our website  If you have questions, feel free to call my office and we will help wherever we can.

For our younger residents, school opening is only a few weeks away. Unfortunately, our children will not be able to return to school under normal conditions due to the pandemic. That being said, the Superintendent and Board of Education have worked on a plan which will allow children to experience a hybrid of in-class and virtual instruction.  I am hopeful this will result in a meaningful learning experience. The safety, mental and physical health of our children, teachers and staff are of primary importance and I am hoping that our school system will return to a sense of normalcy in the coming months.

Enjoy the warm weather, beautiful nature trails, open spaces, movies and music concerts at Buchmuller Park. By now, social distancing, wearing masks and washing hands should have become a habit. Our COVID-positive numbers are down on all fronts as a result of our collective efforts and we must not get complacent. Working together, we can beat this pandemic and come out even stronger. 

Please continue to check our website, for updates. Look forward to seeing you around Town.


Confirmed Secaucus Cases

Updated 10/26/2020 - 6:30 a.m.

Secaucus Cases: 750

Secaucus Deaths: 50

Hudson County Cases: 22,566
Hudson County Deaths: 1,465

State of New Jersey Cases: 228,468

State of New Jersey Deaths: 14,496



Secaucus COVID-19 Disclaimer

The number of confirmed COVID-19 cases reported is based on our Health Officer’s official record. The Health Officer has access to the reporting system, which reflects the number of confirmed cases as reported by the medical community and testing sites, and that is the number we reflected here. We update the website regularly as this information is received. Reporting any other number, for instance numbers based on anecdotes or hearsay, would be inappropriate and potentially inaccurate. We understand that the number from our Health Officer may not completely reflect all the cases at any given time, as residents or their family members may be self-isolating if they have symptoms but may not necessarily be tested. There may also be cases where an individual is tested positive and the family members immediately self-quarantine as recommended by the CDC, and hence are not counted as confirmed cases.  

Regardless of the number of confirmed cases, the recommended protocols do not change. Our residents and business community should continue to follow the CDC guidelines regarding social distancing (stay at least 6 feet away from each other), wash hands regularly, avoid touching your face and stay indoors except for essential trips and to get medical care. If we all implement these practices into our daily routine it will go a long way towards slowing the spread.

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